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Who Are We?


The Casualties of Jazz are a group of some of LA’s finest musicians, who have performed and recorded with some of the most legendary acts in the business.  In 2002, while working as an engineer on Rod Stewart’s “Great American Songbook pt. 2,” J.J. Blair met drummer Jimmy Paxson and bassist Chris Golden.  In between takes, Chris started playing the bass line for the Black Sabbath tune “Sweet Leaf,” on the upright bass, and Jimmy fell in on brushes on the drums.  Hearing something cool, J.J. hit record.  After falling in love with that 60 second piece of music, J.J. had the idea to make a record of Sabbath tunes in a Hammond organ trio, ‘60s jazz, rare-groove style.  Chris and Jimmy recruited their old buddy Matt Rohde, with whom they used to play the River Bottom bar on a weekly gig, and the results were instant magic.  The resulting record was called “Kind of Black,” and it gained an instant cult following, and rave reviews.  


In the years since, Jimmy, Chris, Matt and J.J. have stayed busy working with a wide array of musical artists in the studio, on TV, and on tour.  But recently, J.J. had an idea to track the Grateful Dead tune “Shakedown Street,” in a funkier vibe than the original, and with retro ‘70s production.  Once again, the results were so good that whole new concept cover album seemed possible.  This time Grateful Dead covers in the style of  ‘70s funk fusion seemed like the incentive for these guys to get back in the studio, but with J.J. joining on guitar this time.  The forthcoming album, “Deadhunters” is the result, and latest offering of the band that we have to look forward to.  

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